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upright exercise bikeThere several ways of narrowing out your choices of picking your exercise machines. The factors to consider are those that would best fit your lifestyle and preferences. With just a few well thought out considerations you can get the most suitable machine for your needs.

Whether it be Upright or Recumbent Bike both will give you benefits and health improvements if used regularly.

Know what you want

There are two groups of exercise bikes. An upright bike is the traditional bike like design; this style bike will work your gluteus muscles more. The recumbent bike has a back support; good for those that has back problems and people of larger size who might feel uncomfortable on a upright bike for after long periods.

Choose a best spinning bike in consideration of your height, budget, quality, durability plus your additional preferred features to have. Look first for feedbacks of your shortlist of bikes if you will not be able to test them before purchasing.

Take note of the Features

Features are what you want to consider in relation with the cost of the exercise bike. There can be a bench mark to consider before purchasing your exercise bike. I will be discussing them for you to have your own standard features that you want your machine to have.

  1. Resistance – A benchmark or standard resistance is up to level 8, a smooth and quiet system during operation, may it be magnetic or not.
  2. Preset Workout Database – There should be at least basic workout programs, this will be the one that pushes you and take your goals.
  3. Monitoring Displays – The usual exercise bike has 3-5 buttons such as: time, distance, speed, calorie and pulse.
  4. Zero impact – Your chosen bike should be easy on your joints and ankles. There some that gives impact to such parts and reduces your work and give pain.


This would be very important for you to consider because you may never know when your exercise bike would break and it could have defects that the company has overlooked. This would give you the advantage and can make you save the repair costs. Know everything about the warranty of the equipment. A good warranty gives at least 2-3 years and at least 1 year for labor.

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