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SCHWINN 235i HRCA Schwinn exercise bike is considered the Cadillac of exercise bikes. This brand is widely recognized for producing top-quality exercise equipment.

An exercise bike, or a stationary bike, looks like the traditional bicycle that is used as transportation. This is mainly used as exercise gear to allow users to have their cardiovascular workouts indoor. There are two main types of exercise bikes available in the market today. These are upright exercise bikes and the recumbent exercise bikes. Basically, uprights have a vertical orientation. Its user sits upright like that of an outdoor bike. This exercise bike type allows more motion and is designed to work out the quadriceps or the front muscles of the thigh. A recumbent exercise bike, on the other hand, requires its user to be seated against a back rest in a reclining position. His legs would also have to be stretched in front as the pedals of recumbent exercise bikes are positioned in front. Experts claim that recumbents are more comfortable and easier to use compared to uprights. They are also more ideal for beginners, those with back pains, and those who desire a less intense exercise program.

Among all exercise bike manufacturers, Schwinn has gained a reputation for providing versatile exercise bikes. In fact, several industry insiders consider this brand the best in the field. This brand has been around since late 1800s and in terms of selection, quality and price, it is hard to beat.

Perhaps the most popular Schwinn exercise bike is the Schwinn Airdyne. Unlike other exercise bikes, this features a large wheel and independent handle bars. Its resistance method of using air also makes it unique from the rest. This is an important point of consideration because resistance, or force, is that something which an exercise bike user have to pedal against in order for his/her exercise program to work. Through the air method, resistance is greater the faster a user pedals. The Schwinn 113 upright and the Schwinn 213 recumbent also ranked high in consumer reviews. These have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, hand-grip sensors and sixteen resistance levels. These models also come with a ten-year warranty which is an added benefit to most consumers.

It is not surprising that a Schwinn exercise bike can cost more than other exercise bike brands. Experts say that the price difference is justified as these are generally more durable and efficient compared to that of other brands.

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