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Mini Exercise BikeDiscovering which portable exercise bike is best for you comes from research and experience. With such a wide variety of exercise bikes available, choosing the right one takes time and knowledge. There is many key points to remember such as the amount of living space where the bike will be used and also the level of features you need to get the best workout.

The differences between a portable exercise bike start with the amount of pedal resistance. A bike that has a wide range of pedal resistance is a better buy because you can always switch your workout based on the way you are feeling on that particular day of exercise. Cheaper bikes tend not to have different levels of resistance and are not as fun.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of workout you plan on doing with your exercise bike. If you want to use it to get better looking arms than purchase one that is light and stable enough to place on top of a table. If the goal is to exercise, the legs then make sure to find a portable exercise bike that has strong pedals and won’t break from extensive use. Also, modern ones have great tracking tools that will allow you to track your calories burned, time and resistance levels. This is very valuable if you plan on creating a powerful exercise routine and would like to record your progress over time. One other cool feature is that it can make you pedal in order to watch the television. This can help those that are not as motivated to exercise because the second you stop pedaling the TV turns off. A portable exercise bike is a valuable machine for those that need a way to exercise on the go and also for people who need extra motivation to keep pedaling.

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